The law firm of Lorway MacEachern is pleased to offer a unique real estate service for the benefit new and existing clients which attempts to balance the legitimate needs of both vendors and purchasers.

If you are selling property, the lawyers at Lorway MacEachern will advertise your property for sale and arrange for your property to be viewed by prospective purchasers. If you are a purchaser, you will acquire the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Agreement of Purchase and Sale will be prepared by a professional lawyer who is a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society, the only body of individuals qualified to provide legal advice with respect to the drafting of legal documents. As a purchaser, if your offer to purchase is accepted, we will provide you with a copy of the property appraisal at no additional cost, to allow you to obtain financing from your financial institution. Further, you can rest assured as a purchaser that the offer made to the vendor will be presented in sequence, one offer at a time, in an effort to treat all parties fairly.

Our real estate service offers additional incentives for both vendors and purchasers. Title searches will be completed on all of our featured properties.By obtaining the title search in advance, our lawyers will be aware of any title defects, thus eliminating any last minute objections to title which could potentially derail and delay the purchase to the inconvenience of both the vendor and the purchaser.

You will find our all inclusive service will in many cases be more than competitive than our competition. The savings to you as a consumer can be significant. For more information call us for a consult.

Put the legal team of Lorway MacEachern at the forefront of your property transaction to ensure you benefit from professional legal advice throughout the entire process of buying or selling your new or existing property!