Property Property Location Active Selling Price
1105-1 9876 Highway #4, Irish Vale, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Yes $109,000
Lot Size 36,000 sq/f
House Size 915 sq/f
Age 44
# of Rooms 6
Heating Source Propane/Oil
Taxes $500.00
Property Description
36,000 square foot lot located directly next to main highway on the Bras D’or Lakes. Located in a residential rural neighborhood. Private crock and septic system. Approximately 100 feet of both road and water frontage for swimming and boating. Wood frame, 915 square foot one story home with three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, full bath, two wooden decks and outdoor shed.
Information provided by way of a certified appraisal and building inspection. The law firm of Lorway Maceachern and the vendor do not warrant the accuracy of information provided by appraiser.

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